Tips on Starting a Creative Project

I want to start sharing my skills and tips not only to people face-to-face but also in a series of articles such as this one.

In this article, I'm going to share a couple of tips on starting a creative project. If you don't fancy reading then you can listen to the tips using the audio player below.

While walking around the Colchester cultural quarter I became aware of all of the creative projects that have been started and finished here. Firstsite, in all of its gleaming uniqueness, still provides space for creative people to display their work. Just a few paces away is the much missed Waiting Room which used to buzz with vibrant energy as a home for talented makers. Unfortunately, that home of creative energy is currently being destroyed and the building you can see above is being converted. So there is a lot of change afoot.

When thinking about starting a creative process for myself or helping some of my clients create projects, I always say the hardest part of any creative process is starting. Finishing a creative project is just a matter of stamina and recognising when you have spent enough energy on your creation for it to be good enough to share with the world. Whether that's a YouTube video, an audio blog or a written article. There comes a time when spending more time or effort won't actually bring any benefit that your audience would recognise. I don't want to be glib and say that the best way to start a creative project is just to start a creative project but sometimes we just need to hold our nose and jump in.

So firstly I want to say, don't be afraid to make a mistake. I know it is easy to say in this age of social media when we spend so much time and effort curating images and perceptions of ourselves to filter out the unfavourable. Creative projects rarely turn out as well as you would hope they would the first time you attempt the process.

Secondly, don't put all of your faith in technology. This is something I've had to fight hard to overcome as it something that affects me. How many times have you told yourself that if only you had the new phone or the new piece of technology or that brand-new camera, Then you would be able to fully realise your creative dream? I've said it myself. Looking forward to that brand-new smartphone with the 4KHD camera, failing to realise that the majority of the people that watch my videos do so a smartphone or perhaps in a little window in the corner of their screen as they try to multitask on something else.

As I've often said in my workshops, you have more technology in your pocket than was used to send people to the moon so don't buy into the idea that all you need is more technology to get the job done. The chances are you have more than you'll ever need at your disposal.

Finally, I've always found that the starting point for any creative project is just to write down what you want to achieve. Again I go back to my other tip about not getting too bogged down with all of the tools you could use to achieve this. As simple pen and paper or text editing application could be just as appropriate as the most fully featured Word processor. All you need to do is to just plan what you want to do it in as much detail as you feel is necessary and then get out there and start creating.

I hope these little tips have been useful to you. I hope to share much more with you, however, if you want my help on a project that you want to start then simply get in touch with me on my website or you can find me on Twitter where I am at @AdamRoxby.

I look forward to speaking to you very soon.