Colchester Memory Afternoons | 18 June, 2018

We return to the Lion Walk Activity Centre to reminisce about the cultural side of earlier life. This time we talked about how people let their hair down. From going to the pictures to showing off their moves in the dance halls, there were warming tales of how people relaxed, had fun and at times found love.

One story centred around Colchester's Playhouse, once a theatre (now a pub) where people would go to relax, and this was where one attendee met her future husband. He was a sailor who came and sat beside her on the back seats and in a matter of months they were married.

Another story was how a lady with her boyfriend would travel to many of the ice skating rinks in her London borough and when she tried her hand at roller skating she was chastised for going around too fast.

However, this time around there was a positive story that wasn't told. One of the regular attendees from the Memory Afternoons at Enoch House is Dave (pictured below). Due to an accident when he was younger he had lost most of his memories before the age of 21 but through his attendance at the Memory Afternoons and the hard work of his family he is slowly regaining memories he thought were lost forever. Some of those have been documented on this very blog. Over time he increased his involvement and started helping at the events and became a valued volunteer. For this memory afternoon, he progressed further and did a brilliant job facilitating and running the afternoon with the guidance of Johnno. Another testament to how these events help those who attend.

The Memory Afternoons have also been about showcasing new and emerging talent and this was provided by Joe Rose, a singer who was making his public debut with us and Anna Bruce who at just 17 will, no doubt, have a long and prosperous career in music given the calibre of her performance.

Once again we have been lucky to gather and enjoy special memories and share laughter. Combine that with the music and you have another special Memory Afternoon thanks to The Warm & Toasty Club.

We'll see you for the next one.