Colchester Memory Afternoons at Enoch House: Happy Times

The Warm & Toasty Club is back, providing a much loved and needed cure for social isolation in the form of their 'Memory Afternoons'. We return to Enoch House in Colchester where the residents gather for an informal chat about some of their happiest memories.

The ever pleasant Johnno Casson once again comperes the event and after covering the subject of arts & culture in recent weeks, this time around we were talking about what were the happiest times in people's lives. This started people talking and sharing which invoked happy memories of being young and enjoying the freedom this brings.

Johnno has a very natural ability to make conversations fluid and natural. To get people sharing and getting the benefit from this event.

We had one a lovely story shared by one of the married couples that frequently attends and they spoke about how they met. He was a drinker and liked to gamble, but he gave it all up when he met his wife to be. We were told that he would cycle miles to see her and if he got a puncture on the way then he would throw his bike at the side of the road and just carry on on foot.

She loved children and started her working life as a nanny before becoming foster parents, and by her calculation, she looked after 128 children as foster parents.

We had more recollection from Jan's time in foster care, where she felt compelled to escape and create a new life of happiness with her sister and subsequent generations.

The final story we hear from was of a family holiday on the Isle of White and a scary experience where the bus they were travelling on was hurtling towards a row of houses before turning at the last minute to avoid disaster. Quite a scary experience for Dave and his mother but a memory that still makes him chuckle.

The entertainment is also such a key element of what 'The Warm & Toasty Club' provides with their Memory Afternoons. The residents get the benefits of sharing their stories and making friends, but artists also get the opportunity to perform for an appreciative audience. This time around we had 17 year old Mia Standen with her original songs on the ukulele and the opera baritone Franz Hepburn. So many people of all ages benefit from these events and you can until Monday (30th, April 2018) cast your vote in 'The Peoples Projects' for them to win £50,000 which will allow them to run these Memory Afternoons for up to 100 older people each week for a year. An amazing opportunity and a chance to help so many more people than currently have the capacity for now so please vote and ensure that Memory Afternoons carry on.