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I do apologise for the slightly click bait title but it is a message born from sincerity and fuelled by a concern for humanity and the world in which we all share.

As the year draws to an end I get a chance to reflect on this Christmas Day what 2018 has achieved and what I hope for the next year.

When you’re trying to create a change in yourself and in society it’s important to be inspired and also to know how to come back from failure.

So I couldn’t resist it any longer, I finally decided to give Instagram a try and the main focus is going to be on sharing my story as a vegan trying to eat better, transform myself and inspire others.

5 Nov 2018

While waiting to share some new content I have a chat about maintaining optimism.

Community and variety are certainly alive and well in Colchester thanks to Johnno Casson and 'The Warm & Toasty Club'. On the 14th of October 2018, the Colchester Arts Centre was filled for a celebration of the ‘Colchester Memory Afternoons’ which are events dedicated to preserving and honouring the memories and experiences of people living in the region.

I was really proud to be asked by ‘The Warm & Toasty Club’ to interview Dave as part of our Colchester Memory Afternoons project.

The time for debate is long over, now we must act! Get inspired by Friends of the Earth's latest gathering, Basecamp and then get more information.

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As a matter of a full disclosure, the online backup solution I’ll be recommending is called Backblaze and I have a referral link to them. This means, should you follow my advice and decide to become a customer then not only do you get one month of unlimited, online back up for free but at the same time so will I. We both win, anyway I wanted to make that clear before we start so, on with the article.

After the longest time, I finally decided to invest in a smartwatch. I’ve been quite a connoisseur of unique and interesting watches, but a while ago I became a backer of a new type of smartwatch. However, that project has taken longer than expected to come to the fruition (at the time of writing people are still waiting, but that’s part of the problem with crowdfunding ... anyway I digress). I began to feel a creeping desire to use a smartwatch.

Ultimately I went for the Apple Watch Series Three and below I want to outline my reasons why and how I've managed to incorporate it into my productive day.

I've been giving my relationship with Facebook a lot of thought over the past months and while on holiday with my girlfriend in France I made some decisions.

Here is some extra content from the latest Warm & Toasty Club Memory Afternoon.

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